10 Creative Ideas for Your Beach Wedding in Myrtle Beach

Planning a wedding in Myrtle Beach? You’re in for a treat! Known for its stunning coastline and sunny vibes, Myrtle Beach is a top pick for couples tying the knot. If you’re looking to make your beach wedding truly memorable, here are ten creative ideas to make your big day stand out. Nautical Theme Décor […]

The Benefits of a Small Beach Wedding, Why Intimate is Better

Ever attended a big wedding where you’ve spent more time in line at the buffet than on the dance floor? Well, small beach weddings have a way of cutting down on the crowd and crank up the charm. Having your nuptials on the sand isn’t just a breeze, it’s a brilliant move. These intimate gatherings […]

How to Choose a Wedding Officiant in Myrtle Beach

Choosing the perfect wedding officiant is crucial for ensuring your beach wedding is as memorable and heartfelt as it should be. This is especially true in Myrtle Beach, a prime spot renowned for its stunning coastal views and romantic sunset ceremonies. An experienced and knowledgeable officiant who understands the nuances of beach weddings will not […]

Trends in Beach Weddings for 2024-2025

As we stand in the newness of 2024, one can’t help but wonder – how will the gentle lull of ocean waves and the serene beauty of the beach continue to shape the dreams of future newlyweds? In a look ahead, we explore the evolving trends in beach weddings as they ebb and flow into […]

Planning an Affordable Yet Elegant Myrtle Beach Wedding

With its sun kissed beaches, ocean breezes, and picturesque sunsets, it’s the perfect canvas for your “I do” moment. But hey, let’s be real – even though we all dream of a wedding that rivals royal standards, our budgets often sing a different tune. Here at Coastal Elegance, we’re all about making your dream beach […]